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Parents want to taste wine, children want to have fun, is there a happy middle ground? Yup . If you spend two or three days in the Sonoma wine region, consider hiring a babysitter to look after your kids for a day or two. The babysitting service recommended by Sonoma Mission Inn Macarthur’s Lodge and Place is an on-call babysitting service. This agency is the best. With them you have the option to place your children with the babysitter or you can bring the babysitter to help with the children.

While there are many great wineries to visit in Sonoma, there are a few that might prove more accommodating if you bring the whole family, so we’ll just highlight a few in this article
Chateau St. Jean is located at 8555 Sonoma Hwy (Hwy 12). This winery has excellent wines produced from Chardonnay, Viognier, Gew├╝rztraminer, Pinot Bianco, Riesling, Fum├ę Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. They have made the list of the 100 best wine spectators five times, they also have one of the most beautiful gardens in Sonoma. There is plenty of grass for a blanket style picnic and picnic tables. It is not uncommon for painters to paint scenes from the property.

Benzinger has a tram that will take you on a 40-minute tour of the terraced property. A good aspect of this is that you can rest your tired feet. The tram ride costs $ 10. For $ 35 you can take the tram tour and a 27,000-square-foot Grotta del Vino cave tour. They also have one of the coolest wine shops with many unique gift items. If you are an art lover, you will find a good selection of wine art.

Viansa is a unique winery. It’s the only winery in Sonoma where you can tell your kids to order a pizza. They have a lovely outdoor stone oven in which they bake pizza. Their market also offers a variety of groceries, gift items, and cookware. Their winery sits on a hill overlooking the 90-acre waterfowl sanctuary.

Railway Town, 20264 Broadway – Highway12 Sonoma. Train Town is a major attraction for children. As you enter Train Town, you’ll see the clock tower and six-meter-high train station modeled after Oakland’s 16th Street Depot. Train Town includes three large wagons from the 1930s and 1940s to explore at your leisure. You’ll also notice a number of carnival-themed attractions, including a dragon roller coaster, fairy wheel, carousel, and airplane ride. There is a food stand at the train station offering snacks. Train Town sits on 10 acres with 1.4 miles of track. Your journey takes you on five bridges and trestles. There are two tunnels. One 140-foot tunnel and one 40-foot long tunnel. At some point during your trip, you can get off the train at the zoo with llamas, goats, sheep, and other wildlife.

These are just a few of Sonoma’s family attractions. Valley.

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